Friday, September 8, 2017

I'm still here! Finding all the FREEBIES!

UPDATE 3/22/2020: The inworld group has been deleted and Pinterest has been inactive. See my "Change of Plans!" post for more detail!

Hello followers! As happens from time to time, RL has been keeping me busy for many months! While I may not have time to post on the blog lately, I am still around the grid here and there, searching for those fun midnight manias, lucky letters, and group gifts! So I wanted to show you where I am posting these finds, so you can get your hands on some good freebies and cheapies!
First, I started a new inworld group! The idea is for everyone to be able to call out Midnight Manias, Lucky Letters, Group Gifts, and anything 25L and under in chat without a ton of rules. We are just starting out, so help us grow!

Looking for Marketplace deals? Check out my pinterest boards! I am always pinning items I find on the SL Marketplace that are 25L and under. I've got several boards organized into categories to better help you find what you may be looking for.

Join my group on Flickr and on Facebook. You will find even more group gifts, freebies, and cheapies. Posts have to be approved to appear in these groups to try to make sure they are 25L and under. Sometimes you will see group gifts for paid groups that are more than 25L though. Sometimes they are just worth it!

Happy freebie finding!
love love,

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