Frequently Asked Questions

I can't find the freebie you posted about in your blog, can you help me?
It's probably because the item is no longer available. I try to make sure it is accurate at the time of posting, but designers can change what they are offering at any time. If you think it's just a matter of not finding where it is located in the store, feel free to IM if I am online, and I am happy to help!

I could swear you had pages for Stores with Freebies, Skins, and Hair. What happened to them?
Because designers changes things so often, they were continuously outdated, and I just don't have the time to keep up with them, so I removed them. Sorry for the inconvenience. If you are looking for skins, the SLink website has a list of skin designers with SLURLs. There is also a blog devoted solely to hair called Hair SL that has a designer listing.

Are you still blogging?
I'm really trying to! I have never posted as often as other SL bloggers. Just not enough time in my RL! In the past, I had only gotten up to about 1-5 posts per month, but these days, it's just when I can!

Do you have sponsors (and get things for free)?
I was an official blogger for Fi's Hunts, Gossip Events, Sweet Intoxication HuntsDeluxe Body Factory, LURE, Pose Meowt, and The Free Dove. However, when I had to take a blog hiatus, those relationships ended. I do not want sponsored items to be the primary focus of my blog. I still feature LURE Olivia skin ofetn because I love it, and it is what I am normally wearing. Everything else I post is because I bought it or it is free or cheap to all, unless otherwise stated. (NOTE: Items that are free or under 25L have cost details in purple bold font.)

Do you have a review policy?
If you are a designer and would like for me to review an item, feel free to pass it along to me inworld at SkylerAgain Resident. However, it is at my discretion as to whether or not I will blog about it.

Do you edit your photos?
I do edit photos, mostly because my laptop does not have enough power/features to capture it well, and I enjoy being somewhat artistic! I wish I was better at it! I have always done my editing in an older version of Photoshop, but due to a computer crash and subsequent new laptop, I now use the Adobe Photography Creative Cloud which has Photoshop CC, for a monthly fee. (It also has Lightroom CC, but I have not had the time to learn how to use it!) I also make use of free Photoshop brushes I found on DeviantArt, including those by ZummerfishObsidian Dawn, and others. I do mess with Windlight and sometimes use a filter in the photo tool in Firestorm. In 2017, I invested in LUMIpro for lighting. I create collage photos with picmonkey or BeFunky because it is just easier, and it's free.

Why do you say system hands and feet horrible?
They are just ugly to me! Of course, some people just don't care, and that's fine too. I invested in SLink hands and feet as soon as I found out about them. Get a SL job, save money, use real money, and get at least those if you do care! I originally purchased the flat, mid, and high feet, and one style of the hands. Now there are all kinds of options. However, if you plan to get a mesh body as well, you might want to hold off on this purchase until you pick one. Mesh bodies come with hands and feet, and only some of them are compatible with SLink hands and feet. Make note though, lots of freebie shoes are created for Slink high feet!

Do I need a mesh body?
No, you don't need one, but I love having one! In 2016, I invested in a mesh body. After doing research on the Mesh Body Addicts website and asking around in group chats, I got the Maitreya Lara. You can also buy an Omega relay, in which a lot of freebie applier clothing will work for Maitreya, and it is also compatible with SLink hands and feet, which I already had.This tends to be the most used mesh body by far, but it really is a personal choice. Research, ask around, and demo all of them!

Do I need a mesh head?
No, you don't need this either. But even though I had a hard time parting from the face I have had for years, I broke down and got the Catwa Gwen head in March 2016 after demoing a number of them from many creators. I researched on the Mesh Body Addicts website beforehand, of course. I did get sucked in by the fact that this head had the option of upgrading to a ton of facial expressions, plus I see so many designers offering Catwa appliers. Also on the plus side, you can by the Omega relay for it too for more options! And then Bento came out, and now I am searching for the perfect bento head! I did end up purchasing a few that were previously significantly on sale, which you might see on the blog, but I haven't found one I like for every day use yet. There are a lot of mesh heads out there now,  with new ones continuing to come out, so do your research and demo, demo, demo!

What is Bento?
Bento is a cool feature that came out in 2017 that in the very simplest terms, allows mesh to move better. Before tit was more static, now its are dynamic! However, in order to see Bento enabled objects, you will need a Bento enabled viewer. You can learn more about Bento here:
The Drax Files: World Makers [Episode 35: Project Bento] [YouTube video]
Second Life Community: Knowledge Base: Enhanced Skeleton (Project Bento)
Second Life Blogs: Featured News: Project Bento Life on the Grid! Bento is Live on the Second Life Viewer! Firestorm with Bento Officially Released!

Any other questions? Go to my "About" page and see how to contact me!

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