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Hi, I'm SkylerAgain Resident on Second Life! 
Why am I Skyler Again? I first logged in to Second Life in 2007 as Skylar Loire. She was deactivated, but someone helped me find her, and she is in a very outdated state, so you will rarely see her! I left SL for a while, and then came back for a short stint as Jezebel, but I cannot for the life of me remember what my last name was! When I decided to come back in 2013 and couldn't remember any of my logons, I just decided I would be Skyler again! I clearly forgot that I spelled it differently back then, but I like this spelling better!

I'm obsessed with freebies on Second Life!
Seriously! I am a virtual hoarder! Sometimes I spend too much time scouring other freebie blogs, slapping Midnight Mania boards and posting them in group chats, doing hunts, collecting the gifts and freebies, then rezzing and trying on everything (whew, just writing all that made me tired!), that I don't get around to posting as much as I would like to! For that, I am sorry! Oh, and then there is RL! Starting in 2016, it has become much harder for me  to get around to doing all these things as much as I would like.

Almost all of my finds are free or at least 25L and under!
I do my best to create looks made up entirely of free items, but there are always exceptions. Some things you just gotta spend some Lindens on! I also highly support getting mesh hands and feet at the minimum. And then some things, I just want to spend Lindens on because I think it is worth it. Some groups have a fee to join, and they are actually worth it too! And sometimes, by the time I get around to posting, the item is no longer free. For that, I apologize! To make it easier to spot, items that are free or under 25L have cost details in purple bold font.

My First Life
In RL, I'm funny, quirky, sometimes sexy, sometime slumming it, clumsy (actually I am in SL too!), and friendly, but sometimes shy. In both RL and SL, I'm often misinterpreted because I stick my foot in my mouth at times, and sometimes what is typed on a keyboard is lost in translation, but I always have the best intentions. "No one is perfect, that is why understanding is so important." My RL has taken priority lately, so I just can't be the blogger I intended to be, but I know you are in good hands with all the lovely bloggers more active than me!

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