Sunday, March 22, 2020

Change of Plans!

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Well, my lovelies, it has been a while! Unfortunately, I have not had enough time to dedicate to SL and finding all the freebies for a few years! But boy, have things changed as of late for the whole world with this coronavirus pandemic! Sending lots of love and health to everyone affected. While I am one of the lucky ones that still has my full time job working from home here in the states, I do have a little extra time indoors on the weekends, and will probably be filling my time with SL.

To that end, rather than shutting down all my groups and such (which was my initial intention), I decided to give a go at keeping up with things and doing a little blogging, just at a lower level. So let me explain the changes:
  1. Previously, I focused on items 25L or less. Over the last few years, I have been more into sales shopping and less about freebies, so I have upped that to 69L or less. Why did I pick 69L? Well, the wonderful Fabulously Free in SL covers 75L or less, and I just wanted to be different! I am sure I may feature some things that are a little higher that are on sale if it is a great deal.
  2. In-World Group: If you were a member of the SL Freebies, Cheapies & More! group in-world, you will notice that a week or so ago, I shut it down. The only way to delete it is to eject all the members, so sorry about that, it was nothing personal! It was very inactive, and there are many other quality freebie groups. And we all know group space is at a premium!
  3. Facebook Group: I recently started vetting posts and adding members to the SL Freebies, Cheapies & More! Facebook group again on a more regular basis, and post are rolling in! (The group has rules, so if I cannot easily tell if something is 69L or less it will not be approved.)
  4. Facebook Page: I have not posted anything on the Skyler's SL Freebies, Cheapies & More Facebook page in quite a while, but it is still there, and any posts here will be there.
  5. Flickr Groups: I re-opened the Second Life Freebies, Cheapies & More Flickr group. (Also, the group has rules, so if I cannot easily tell if something is 69L or less it will not be approved.)
  6. Blog: I never really blogged that much, to be honest, so it will probably be few and far between. I have updated the page tabs though!
  7. Other Social Media: While I still have other social media accounts, I am not sure how active I will be there. You are more than welcome to follow me and find out! ha!
So that's it for now. Just wanted to give you an update! I'll be back soon with some super low cost Second Life finds! 

love love,

Photo Credits:

Mesh Head ~~ Catwa Koura
Mesh Eyes & Applier ~~ Catwa Koura
Skin ~~ Glam Affair Vivi Applier [Catwa] Basic Line (past Fifty Linden Friday item) 
Hair ~~ Besom A-list *Reds* (past The Saturday Sale item)
Eyeshadow ~~ alaskametro "Drama Queen" makeup TESTER - Catwa (FREE on marketplace)
Eyelashes ~~ Pout! Delicate Lashes - Catwa, Vista, Genus & Lelutka (1L on marketplace)
Lipstick ~~ Booty's Beauty Catwa Lipstick ~ Candy Girl (past lucky letter/free group join)
Necklace ~~ Narcisse Delicado Choker (past group gift for Thank God It's Freebie Friday/200L to join

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