Saturday, August 16, 2014

Welcome to My World!

Introducing me, Skyler! I have been on and off Second Life for many years now. I was Skylar Loire (which still exists) and Jezebel (I can't remember my last name!) back in the day. Someone helped me find my old Skylar avi after I started a new account. She had such old clothes, shapes, etc, it wasn't worth going back. ;) Plus, I like the spelling better with an "e" rather than an "a." And I don't think I had a choice back then!

So that is why I am Skyler..... Again!

As time goes on, my tastes change and what I find fun changes. I guess that is the beauty of SL! I am not limited. I learn new things, find new places, meet fun people all the time! So I thought I should try to share what I learn, in case anyone is interested. I often find myself googling things and don't find much, so maybe someone will be googling and find what I have to say helpful!

Right now, I am sort of digging on hunts and sales! And as I go through them, and get frustrated, and get tips from others, I thought, I should share these with other people! I can't promise that is what I will always be interested in, but I bet whatever it is, it will always be interesting! As SL always is!

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