Friday, August 29, 2014

Hunt Finds: Best of The Dirty Diva Hunt

It's time! My first hunt post! So let me start out by saying, I had lofty intentions with what I was going to do with hunt reviews. I literally tried to to take pictures, and well, not very pretty ones, of me in everything I found on this hunt. With over 50 items, it became a bit too labor intensive. So, I'm changing up my game plan.

In my hunt reviews, I'll, of course, give you a few details about the hunt, but I will feature a favorite item and/or try to put together a look from several different items from the same hunt spread out over a couple of posts! I will try to list the other items that appear in my pics too, in case you like them! And since I am learning photography and think I would find it helpful, I will share with you the location and windlight setting I used. So let get on with it, shall we?!?

So since I mulled over how to go about doing this post for so long, Sweet Thang's The Dirty Diva Hunt is more than half over! But you still have over a week left to find some goods, as it runs through September 9th. And I hope to post a few highlights over the next couple of days.

You'll be looking for a little mascara tube. At a few stops, I just couldn't find it, but I still came away with a slew of items! And luckily, the Sweet Thang website gives you hints for most stops. The best part is that all the items are absolutely free!

Sweet Thang's The Dirty Diva Hunt @ Divalicious Designs
So here I am at the first stop, Divalicious Designs, in front of the info sign and in the ensemble you will find at this location. Yes, even the hair, sunglasses, and jewelry are included!

20 Bump & Co 2
So here's my first favorite find from stop #20, Bump & Co. A cute little red and black flower lace number. Check out that very sexy plunge neckline on this little dress too!

Eyes: Eyes 03 by Solace (no idea where I got this, but probably a freebie or dollarbie)
Hair: V-day Aphrodite Special Edition Valentine's Colors @ Alice Project (L$50)
Vermelho intensoGloSSy (can't find GloSSy anymore! :( )
So Cute Eyeliner (red) @ [ M O N S ]  (I think it was a freebie or dollarbie gift)
Tattoo lashes gift{ T O X I C } (LM no longer works)
Shape: Summer [ HUSH ] (past free group gift)
Skin: Summer - SeaBlue - Cream[ HUSH ] (past free group gift)
Feet: Women's Feet High @ SLink (L$675)
Hands: Women's Hands Elegant1SLink (L$450)
Jewelry: Monica Sport Sexy Clothes Red Bracelets @ Jstyle (past free group gift)
Shoes: Dakota SLink Shoes @ Live Glam K Collection (L$99 at a sale event)
Dress: Cowl Neck Dress - Red LaceBump & Co (free in The Dirty Diva Hunt!)

Location: The Looking Glass (where I rezzed the Enchanted Ballroom)
Windlight: Nacon's Sweet Dawn

Wanting to experiment with the photography, I took another pic of this look, so check it out on my Flickr account! This was also taken at The Looking Glass, but I will be honest, I have no idea what was rezzed there at the time, as I thought it was permanent! But I do know, the Windlight was: AnaLutetia - AvatarOpt2 whiter.

Can't wait to show you more!

love love,

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